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  • Accord Appliance has been operating there business with a Inactive Contractors license since MAY 1st 2019. If you have fell victim to them than ple... Read More »
  • DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. They need a 0 star rating! They deal out of Home Depot which has been wonderful, however Yotrio is horrible.... Read More »
  • I thought I had canceled my account in March 2018. Support confirmed with me they updated my account at the time via email as my accountant was tak... Read More »
  • I signed up with Merchant One and have been with them for a couple months. No snags yet, the set up was easy and customer service has been helpful. Read More »
  • A friend of mine told me I should write my business plan myself. I told her I didn't have time and hadn't written a plan before, and wanted to lea... Read More »
  • I submitted a case on February 8th for $1695. My commission is $850. I was told that their bank account was hacked for $36,000 which is why they ha... Read More »
  • Excellent Work. Highly Recommended Read More »
  • I have used them for a long distance move and they were great! On time and professional. My parents used them and had a good experience too. I just... Read More »
  • Growthink recently conducted market research for me. I needed it for my business plan for investors. I was expecting a research document full of... Read More »
  • For several months my husband had been telling me that our savings and IRA's were exposed to coming market corrections, and that we should diversif... Read More »
  • I have never dealt before with such incompetence. It's beyond understating, for example, I have a letter from my school, they will not recognized a... Read More »
  • This company does not waste any time. They are on top of getting you an offer. I can't honestly tell you I got a great offer. I really have no idea... Read More »
  • I just want to thanks Mr. Fred Aviles and his Team they did a great job on my Refi..My situation was not the best But Mr. Aviles and his team put a... Read More »
  • Having just used the Executive Corporate Services for the first time, I was delighted with the service provided. They were easy to contact by phon... Read More »
  • I wanted to share the positive experience I had at PB's Greenthumb Landscaping San Diego. The work was on time and the cleanup was fantastic. I now... Read More »
  • Robert J. Nice was able to get my case and he was extremely thorough with his work. He was clear, straight to the point and easy to communicate wit... Read More »
  • Belwood Properties, LLC really cares about there tenants and is a very professional management company. The recommendation from him really makes se... Read More »
  • Timothy D Webb knows what he does and he does truly care about you and your case. He is quick, smart, and very straight forward And to top it off,... Read More »
  • Dr. Masood Sirjani is conservative with his treatment. He will never push anyone to do anything. It was an absolute breeze, completely pain free. H... Read More »
  • EnergyLogic MacroAir HVLS ceiling fans will suit your commercial or industrial space, whether it's an garage, warehouse, hangar, gymnasium, or audi... Read More »
  • I recently purchased aero precision complete upper. Great customer service and good product! Highly recommend Delta Team Tactical to my friends. Read More »
  • I have received professionalism and curtesy from day one. Lightning Bail Bonds is up-to-date on processes and technology that also made the experie... Read More »
  • I am a member at Ilkb Spring-Klein and the trainers are great. They know how to make an intense workout fun and encourage you every step of the way... Read More »
  • I am writing this review for any single or multi family out there that finds them in a situation where they absolutely helpless and feel that there... Read More »
  • Talked with Steven and he hooked me up with a great deal on a brand new Schwinn spin bike looking forward to receiving it. Read More »
  • He is very helpful and amazing! Very nice and friendly over the phone and very pleasant to talk to. Read More »
  • My Husband and I were drowning in debt with no end in site. We decided to contact Pacific Associates and make a plan to change our Future. Today, W... Read More »
  • Brian did an amazing inspection Read More »
  • ATTENTION: Florida home improvement & Dividend Post construction with Florida home improvement, I have numerous complaints. I spoke directly w... Read More »
  • We got a lot of great help from ClaimsMate Public Adjusters for hail roof damage. They did a terrific job with the roof inspection and adjusting a... Read More »
  • Hello Jacob and thank you for all your hard work on getting our loan closed. The process was smooth and you set the proper expectations for us so i... Read More »
  • My house needed lots of work. It had some water damage and structural issues, and I didn't want to get fined by the city or county so I called Meri... Read More »
  • The quality of IoT based Automotive solution they provided to me for both Android & iOS platforms was brilliant, and their suggestions were very he... Read More »
  • My initial experience with Basketballs Installers was great. I am very happy with their service. Read More »
  • I am so pleased with this product. NuformCabinetry is a great place to buy kitchen cabinets online. It fits our needs perfectly. It's exactly what... Read More »
  • We had a great experience with them, the job was done in a timely manner, the movers were very friendly and the final price is exactly what they qu... Read More »
  • I contact this company to catch and remove a groundhog from my backyard that is digging underneath my deck causing damage. I paid 149.00 to set and... Read More »
  • Returned 2 items (at my expense) because the wallets card slots were not big enough. It has been over a month and have not received any refund to m... Read More »
  • The process was very fast and convenient. They kept me updated the whole time and contacted me via phone to see if I had any questions. If you’re l... Read More »
  • I've been using them for a few months now and it's generating a positive ROI. If you have reasonable expectations, actually contact the leads, and... Read More »
  • We hired them to do our move from CA to Texas. Their advertisement showed a semi trailer. That’s a lie! They use a beat up old budge truck! They ga... Read More »
  • I have been using this makeup for several years. I confess that I will try something different, but always come back to Perfect Pigment. I am 58 ye... Read More »
  • These guys from Elite Moving and Storage arrived exactly on time, worked efficiently, protected everything vulnerable to breaks/scratches/dirt, and... Read More »
  • Island Communications Ltd. has multiple options to help fleet owners and managers track their vehicles by using various means like IoT Sensors and... Read More »
  • We ordered our iron door from them a month ago and last week we installed it and it looks beautiful and elegant. Love it so much. I would highly re... Read More »
  • When I reached the cash out minimum and clicked on it. FusionCash suddenly drained about seven dollars from my account claiming expired rewards. No... Read More »
  • Affordable cleaning in Oklahoma. He has done an impeccable job, quick response, very pleasant and friendly. Thank you for the complete cleanup of m... Read More »
  • The Affordable Cleaning of Oklahoma, are absolutely recommended, professional and honest, to complete the cleaning of our office in Oklahoma and th... Read More »
  • Each of the professionals in the Affordable Cleaning of Oklahoma, are of great confidence, I have the absolute certainty of it, in the cleaning of... Read More »
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